[an error occurred while processing this directive] Dreamer Farm - Off the grid with an Outback Solar System - Bullet Tree Falls, Belize

The Property at a Glance:

$229,000usd a little house icon 12.76 acres a little house icon Titled a little house icon Bullet Tree Falls, Belize a little house icon Off Grid a little house icon Furnished

Living off grid in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize

Detail of the Out back Solar System at Dreamer Farm, Bullet Tree Falls, Belize One of the things that makes Dreamer Farm worth the price is the fact that it's off grid. The houses and water system are powered by a 24v. Outback solar system and can run both 110v or 24v. The panels charge 4 new 6v. 400Amp/hr Deka solar batteries. For cloudy days, a modified (ask for more info) Briggs & Stratton 5500 watt generator is wired into the system and has no problem running the main house and guest house.

Water is supplied by a rain collection system made up of eaves troughs on the main and guest houses. The water flows into a 10,000gal. (38,000l.) concrete cistern located between the two houses. There are two more above ground 1000gal. (3800l.) tanks connected to the guest house and the “Mennonite” house for watering plants, or anything else you might need it for.

How it all works

The entire complex can be run off of the 4500 watts Outback System. The main house has a DC Sundanzer refrigerator and a DC Sundanzer freezer. Both the main house and guest house have DC ceiling fans. Both houses are also set up to handle 110v. for using regular electronics and appliances; for instance, the main living room has the computer and tv. The kitchen has a variety of appliances. The hot water is supplied by a butane on-demand hot water heater and there is internet and cable by way of a dish on the roof. This is a complete system that is 100% off grid.

Why it's good

With out getting into things like energy crises' or things in that realm. The electricity and water in Belize are of a fairly low quality. The power is in a state of constant fluctuation and, unfortunately, has the habit of destroying laptop batteries, computer power supplies, and anything requiring a good quality of electricity. You might be thinking, “I have a surge protector.” but that won't help. The problem is that Belize is prone to brown outs, which is the power lowering not surging. The electric output from a well maintained solar system provides constant, clean electricity.

The local water is supplied by the river. Sometimes it isn't filtered correctly and if the river floods or if the power goes out the water gets shut off. It pretty much always has a browish tint. You can buy five gallon jugs from the store for drinking water, but still have to use the local water for washing. Rain water is much cleaner, safer and it's always on.

Knowing that you'll always have good electricity and clean water will give you amazing peace of mind.